Dooring is a traffic collision in which a cyclist struck a car door that opens just in front of him. It usually is too late for the cyclist to avoid the collision.

CarGuide supports and encourages you, the drivers, to look in your mirror before opening your car door. It is a habit that takes time to get used to. The reason is that we are often in a hurry to exit the car and go where we have to. Looking for those rare cyclists that happen to pass by at that specific moment is not a natural reflex. And with all that thinking going on about taking with you with what you need, it is hard to add that thought about cyclists.

So just get into the habit. Injuries to those cyclists are sometimes very extensive. Beyond the law that might exist to force you to do so, cyclists are people and it hurst.

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The statistics are that 8 to 9% of serious injuries to cyclists in large cities like Toronto, London, Victoria (Australia) are from dooring.

Relative risk

Most of dooring accidents do no result in death. But most serious door-zone-related injuries are sustained by getting hit by a motor vehicle while swerving to avoid the door. Thus, most deaths and serious injuries occur in the travel lane and not in the door zone.


The following statistics are a little outdated. But there is nothing very different today that would indicates any improvement.

1996-2005. New York City, 3% (7 out of 225) of bicyclist fatalities were from striking an open door or swerving to avoid one.
2010 and 2012. London, three people were killed in car door opening incidents.

In California, a comparison of Santa Barbara (without bike lanes) to Davis, California (with bike lanes) was done. 8% of the car-bike collisions in the former involved an opening door, whereas the latter had none.