First-time Owner of An Electric Car

How does an Electric Car “Feel”?

First first-time owner of an electric car will need time. It is definitely different from a conventional car.

The first thing you will notice in most electric cars is the lack of a gearbox. The gear lever usually looks the same as that of an automatic transmission car. Some models have only a switch with a forward or reverse option.

When you turn on the ignition of an electric car, you will immediately note that there is no sound or vibration at all. It is so silent that it may seem as though the engine is not running. Upon driving an electric car for the first time, you will hesitate. Is the car’s engine actually running? Even when you put the car into “drive” gear and step down on the accelerator, it is still very silent.

Electric cars are totally silent when driven at low speed. You will have to get used to driving without hearing and feeling the purr of an engine. As you increase the speed of your electric car, the interior still remains much quieter. The only overt sign that your car is actually running at a higher speed is the increase in the noise you will hear from the wind and the traffic outside. And even so, most modern electronic cars have superior insulation to eliminate the noise from the outside.

Aside from the non-existent noise of the engine, the electric car also has smooth power delivery with no engine vibration at all. While “motoring” around, you will also notice that your electric car has a very quick response when you pull away and delivers excellent performance at low speed. Driving around town in an electric car can be a very pleasant experience.

Braking in an electric car can feel quite different compared to that of a conventional car. Many electric cars have two kinds of braking systems: a regenerative braking system in addition to the standard braking system. Regenerative braking means that when you step on the brakes, the car uses its momentum to generate more power for its batteries.

A lot of electric car drivers comment on how much fun they have driving their electric cars. In fact, an electric engine will always outperform its combustion counterpart, but obviously most electric cars are built for “relaxed” city driving. While they may not be fast cars, they are still a great pleasure to drive.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Are The New Gas Stations

It is becoming a lot easier to to find Electric Vehicle Charging Stations. The more vehicles and drivers of EV, the more stations there is. It goes hand in hand.

Electrical specialists are now working tirelessly to design and build new recharging stations. These will only continue to grow in popularity as these stations become the new gas station.

EV Drivers Public Charging

Thanks to your local electrical servicemen and women. These electricians are improving their range of expertise in Green Energy are making public charging possible. Now EV drivers have the ability to charge and stay on the go. These stations are becoming the new gas station.

Here is why.


They are easier to install in much more places. A station doesn’t need the space and huge installation like a gas station. Also, the fact that it takes more time to recharge than fuel gas is used to increase convenience. Resellers of EV stations install them in parking lots, restaurant parkings, venues, etc. Your car get charged while your doing something else.

You can even have stations easily installed at your working places.

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Easy payments and much lower cost

Public car stations offer 3 different types of payment options. Monthly payments, pay-as-you-go and free stations are the 3 options that are accessible.

Free sounds best.
Now the only free charging stations can also be found away from your home. Free is best, but even the pay stations are convenient for EVV drivers on the go. They allow you to travel longer distances and make EV driving more manageable.

Why Are They Popular?

The popularity of these charging stations are rising because more and more drivers are looking to go EV. You can quickly pull over and get a quick charge to help you stay on the road without worry. Fueling is easy and now electric car charge stations are making EV driving even easier.

Cheap Is Great and Better Than Gas

The best part of these electric charging stations is the cheap factor. Being able to get a charge for free will help EV drivers stay on the road and get new customers. Electric car charging stations are helping to keep EV drivers costs down. Free is always best and many of these stations are both highly accessible and free. What could be better?

Have a look at EV Stations in Canada (from CAA)

Are Electric Cars A Part Of Your Future?

It appears that not too long ago, electric cars were a very distant possibility. However, in today’s world, they are becoming extremely popular. It may very well be a large part of our not so distant future.

All manufacturers are creating testing, conduction research to improve their electric only cars. The prospect is exciting the consumers. Let’s take a look at the many positives that can go with the future of electric cars. See why we should consider it as a possibility in our own future.

They are all together cleaner and safer for our environment. By driving electric cars, our generation will practically eliminate air pollution. Air cleaner for forthcoming generations is a totally new and refreshing perspective. Cleaner air to breathe is a necessity and these cars can work to provide that.

Electric cars are more affordable than fuel powered cars. Actually, for about $ 30, electric cars can run for one full month. They will provide our finances a nice break. Maintenance is more affordable too. You won’t need to be worried about changing the oil or having a tune up.

Noise pollution is something we all complain about. Electric cars provide a quieter environment for everybody concerned. It signifies less 3 AM wake up calls by our neighbor’s loud cars. Moreover, those who live close to busy streets and highways will sleep and live simpler.

A single problem about electric cars is, at the moment, it can’t travel very far without needing a charge. But this is improving rapidly. At the same time there are a rapid increase in charging stations everywhere. Finally, the time to recharge is diminishing dramatically.

Many families have more than one car. One of those cars are often used for very short distance that is very suitable even today already.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Hybrid Cars

Hybrid cars are thought-about to be the automobile of choice before your next purchase in a few years. Because in a few years you might even consider the purchase of 100% electric car!

You may definitely consider to induce one for your own. You will not be alone. A lot more individuals are now considering selling their conventional automotive and buy a hybrid car.

But why is it that these folks like getting a hybrid car instead of a typical automobile? Whether or not hybrid automobile retail prices are a lot more of expensive?


The answer is the long term cost of fuel consumption. Hybrid cars will be give you more fuel efficiency, sometimes half the cost of traditional cars. It can be able to relinquish you so much better mileage to the gallon. Just imagine, with a hybrid car, you’ll might be able to get more than sixty miles to the gallon.

This is because hybrid cars run on 2 engines. Hybrid cars are essentially cars that mix an electric engine and a gasoline engine to deliver energy. By combining these 2 to power your car, it can run quieter, cleaner. They are way more efficient than conventional cars. These are the most important benefits of hybrid cars.

Tax Break

Another advantage is that you’ll be ready to save some of the additional cash at time of purchase from tax breaks. Many governments give hybrid automobile users and buyers important tax savings. If you own a hybrid automobile, you will be able to relish tax breaks. Additionally, you may be ready to get free parking and different incentives offer to hybrid automobile owners.


The most significant of hybrid cars is that the retail price which is beyond conventional cars in the same weight class. However, the hybrid automobile can counter this disadvantage by saving cash in an exceedingly long run basis. In a very long run basis, hybrid cars are cheaper than conventional cars for most owners.

Strive and compute the gasoline your car consume during its lifetime and add it to the retail price of the car. You’ll see that the conventional automobile will tend to be more expensive than hybrid cars once you take a look at it in an exceedingly future basis.

Most hybrid cars nowadays intagrate with the latest technology. If you are a technology aficionado, you will enjoy all the technology behind.

Since the next generation of cars quickly rising in interest is the full, 100%, electric car, why not getting a little used to it?

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