First-time Owner of An Electric Car

How does an Electric Car “Feel”?

First first-time owner of an electric car will need time. It is definitely different from a conventional car.

The first thing you will notice in most electric cars is the lack of a gearbox. The gear lever usually looks the same as that of an automatic transmission car. Some models have only a switch with a forward or reverse option.

When you turn on the ignition of an electric car, you will immediately note that there is no sound or vibration at all. It is so silent that it may seem as though the engine is not running. Upon driving an electric car for the first time, you will hesitate. Is the car’s engine actually running? Even when you put the car into “drive” gear and step down on the accelerator, it is still very silent.

Electric cars are totally silent when driven at low speed. You will have to get used to driving without hearing and feeling the purr of an engine. As you increase the speed of your electric car, the interior still remains much quieter. The only overt sign that your car is actually running at a higher speed is the increase in the noise you will hear from the wind and the traffic outside. And even so, most modern electronic cars have superior insulation to eliminate the noise from the outside.

Aside from the non-existent noise of the engine, the electric car also has smooth power delivery with no engine vibration at all. While “motoring” around, you will also notice that your electric car has a very quick response when you pull away and delivers excellent performance at low speed. Driving around town in an electric car can be a very pleasant experience.

Braking in an electric car can feel quite different compared to that of a conventional car. Many electric cars have two kinds of braking systems: a regenerative braking system in addition to the standard braking system. Regenerative braking means that when you step on the brakes, the car uses its momentum to generate more power for its batteries.

A lot of electric car drivers comment on how much fun they have driving their electric cars. In fact, an electric engine will always outperform its combustion counterpart, but obviously most electric cars are built for “relaxed” city driving. While they may not be fast cars, they are still a great pleasure to drive.