Top 5 Things to keep in mind during a test drive

Choosing the right car is a tough decision. You must consider your budget and usage while short listing the car models. One of the most important steps before making the final decision is opting for a test drive of the various models you have short listed.

5 things to keep in mind before and during a test drive.

  1. Comfort

The first thing you must notice during a test drive is whether the car is comfortable enough for you. Check the seats and amount of leg space available. The needs differ from person to person in terms of comfort. So it is important to know how you feel.

First, notice whether you can comfortably enter the car or not. If you stoop too much while entering the car it is perhaps not the right model for you.

Next, check the driving position. The driver’s seat shouldn’t be too high or low for you. The seats must be adjustable and the controls, easy to reach and operate.

2. Normal driving

Test drive should ideally be like your normal driving experience.

So adjust the mirrors and seat before you start driving. The next thing you must keep in mind is driving in an environment you would normally use the car in. This means that if you would mostly drive on highways then it is important to check it there.

3. Driving

While driving the car you must notice certain basic things which include:

  • seeing how smoothly the car accelerates,
  • whether the engine makes too much noise while changing gear
  • whether the steering is responsive enough
  • how well do you see around what is going on
  • how easy it will be to back up
  • and last but not the least, how do you feel in general while driving the car.
4. Practical

Once back to the showroom also do check the trunk space available. The size of this space should be enough for the amount of luggage you would normally carry. Another thing you must check is the seat for the passengers, its size and the leg space available there.

5. Price vs Your Appreciation

After the test-drive if you feel that the car is right for you and you would like to buy it then check the total price after the taxes and add ons if you want any.

Apart from the points stated above there are a few additional things you should keep in mind during a test drive.

* If you’re planning for test drive you have to apply for it in advance by e-mail or by making a phone call. It will be much easier to ask for a longer test drive and drive it in normal conditions. Otherwise, the car salesman might have you on a short 5 minutes drive.

* You have certain basic needs in mind. Discuss them with your car dealer so that he may help you in opting for a car which best suits your needs. He will then be able to highlight these during your test drive to make it more meaningful.

* Ask any questions you may have during your test drive.